Deliverable Title Link
D1 Good practice guide - Calibration and validation of flow meters Download
D2 A1.5.6 Infrastructure for H2 Calibration Download
D3 Good Practice Guide - handling, transporting, weighing of filters from particulate sampling Download
D4 MetroHyVe Report on the results of the interlaboratory comparison Download
D5 A3.2.2 - Good practice guide on calibrating commercial humidity sensors Download
D6 A3.4.3 - Report - the best strategies developing and implementing low cost sensors Download
D7 Good practice guide on effective sampling and transportation of hydrogen Download
D8 A4.4.5 - Good practice guide on the suitability of vessels Download


Good practice guides

Title Link
Good Practice Guide on effective sampling and transportation of hydrogen from the refuelling station as required by ISO14687 Download
Good Practice Guide on Calibration and validation of flow meters used at HRSs for quantifying hydrogen dispensed into vehicles Download
Good Practice Guide on the suitability of vessels and gas cylinders for sampling hydrogen as required by ISO14687 Download
Good Practice Guide on Calibration and use of humidity sensors for hydrogen refuelling station applications Download
Good Practice Guide for the handling, transporting and weighing of filters from particulate sampling in gaseous hydrogen Download
Good practice guide for sampling at an HRS including a potential met hod for the determination of los s es of particles in hydrogen gas passed through a regulator system Download


Number Title Link
A1.1.2 A1.1.2: Public report on operating  conditions and uncertainty sources of  a Hydrogen Refuelling Station(HRS) Download
A1.4.2 Intercomparison of gravimetric standards Download
A1.4.6 Assessment of the Validity of the Master M eter M ethod compared to the Gravimetric Method for Calibration of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Download
A1.5.3 & A1.5.4 A1.5.3 & A1.5.4: Provision of an Uncertainty Budget for the Gravimetric Approach to calibrate Flow Meters at Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Download
A1.5.5 Determination of the Overall Uncertainty Budget s of Different Calibration approaches for C FM and Assessment of their Suitability Download
A1.5.6 INFRASTRUCTURE FOR H2 CALIBRAT ION development of a primary test bench for performing traceable calibration of hydrogen flow meters at pressures up to 875 bar with target accuracy 1 .5 % and following technical requirements stipulated in OIML R 139 1 and international standard SAE J2601 Download
A2.3.1 Review of the available passivation treatments for gas cylinders Download
A3.4.3 Feasability study for developing a method to utili ze a Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) for measuring particulate concentrations in hydrogen gas Download
A4.1.1 Sampling from hydrogen refuelling stations Download
A4.1.2 Recommendations regarding the conditions for sampling at the HRS Download
A4.2.1 A review of existing particulate sampling techniques at hydrogen refueling stations Download
A4.3.1 Review and selection of compounds for total measurements (halogenated, sulphur and hydrocarbons) Download
A4.3.2 A4.3.2: Literature review state of art of sampling and storage of compounds selected in A4.3.1 Download
A4.3.8 A4.3.8: Sampling using sorbent tubes directly at the HRS - assessment of the feasibility Download
A5.2.1 A5.2.1: Report on first Stakeholder Advisory Workshop Download


MetroHydraite Workshop 2019

Title Link
1-1-MetroHydraite-Flow-metering-Introduction Download
1-2-MetroHydraite-Flow-Metering-Gas Download
1-3-MetroHydraite-Pressure-effects Download
1-4-MetroHydraite-Flow-Metering-RMA-H2-standard Download
1-5-MetroHydraite-PPT-Coriolis-certification-Problems Download
2-1-MetroHydraite-Aarhaug_HP_V1 Download
2-2_MetroHydraite-Analytical-methods_HYDRAITE Download
2-3-MetroHydraite-Primary-Reference-Materials Download
2-4-MetroHydraite-Dynamic-reference-standards Download
2-5_MetroHydraite-interlaboratory_HYDRAITEv1 Download
2-6-MetroHyVe-HYDRAITE-ISO-TC197_H2_Quality_report Download
3-1-MetroHydraite-Aarhaug_RA_V1_MC Download
3-2-MetroHydraite-Impurity-risk-assessment-model-HYDRAITE Download
3-3-MetroHydraite-Online-gas-particle-analysis Download
3-4-MetroHydraite-Impurities_ZBT_HYDRAITE Download
3-5-MetroHydraite-MCARRE-External-Presentation Download
4-1-MetroHydraite-Aarhaug_sampling_V1 Download
4-2-MetroHydraite-Sampling-vessels-filters Download
4-3-MetroHydraite-NPL-presentation Download
4-4-MetroHydraite-Ole-Kjos-Experiences-from-sampling Download
4-5_190830_WS_TME-MetroHyVe_H2-requirements Download
5-1-MetroHydraite-Fuel-cell-impurity-measurements Download
5-2-MetroHydraite-Reversible-impurities Download
5-3-MetroHydraite-Irreversible-impurities_ZBT Download
5-4-Hydrogen-quality-impact-on-fuel-cells-what-next Download


Stakeholder Workshop

Title Link
MetroHyVe SAB Workshop M6 Introduction Download
MetroHyVe SAB Workshop M6 Presentation WP1 Metas Download
MetroHyve SAB Workshop M6 Presentation WP2 NPL Download
MetroHyve SAB Workshop M6 Presentation WP4 RISE Download
MetroHyVe SAB Workshop M6 Presentation WP5 NEN Download
MetroHyve SAB Workshop M6-Presentation WP3 VSL Download
Toyota MetroHyve Presentation January 2018 public Download


Hydrogen Sampling Workshop

Title Link
MetroHyVe-workshop-01-Introduction Download
MetroHyVe-workshop-02-Gas-sampling-devices Download
MetroHyVe-workshop-03-Gas-sampling-vessels Download
MetroHyVe-workshop-04-Particles-sampling-NPL Download
MetroHyVe-workshop-05-Health-and-safety Download