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Project reports

Number Title Link
A2.1.1 Report on the gas calibrants available, existing gap and recommendation to bridge the gap ensuring that commercial laboratories can be compliant with ISO21087:2019 
A2.4.1 Review of the state of the art of online gas sensors /analysers Download
A3.1.1/A3.2.1 Review of the state of the art of gas sampling systems available and used at HRS Download
A3.3.1 Good practice guide for representative sampling and analysis of particulate matter in hydrogen fuel dispensed from hydrogen refuelling stations Download
A3.1.2 A3.1.2: Review of valves currently used on cylinders for hydrogen sampling Download


  • Karine Arrhenius, Thor Aarhaug, Thomas Bacquart, Abigail Morris, Sam Bartlett, Lisa Wagner, Claire Blondeel, Bruno Gozlan, Yann Lescornez, Nathalie Chramosta, Christian Spitta, Etienne Basset, Quentin Nouvelot, Mathilde Rizand, Strategies for the sampling of hydrogen at refuelling stations for purity assessment, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2021.
  • Arrhenius, K.; Bacquart, T.; Schröter, K.; Carré, M.; Gozlan, B.; Beurey, C.; Blondeel, C. Detection of Contaminants in Hydrogen Fuel for Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles with Sensors—Available Technology, Testing Protocols and Implementation Challenges. Processes 2022, 10, 20.

Publishable summary for M18 can be downloaded here.