Programme, presentations and posters from the 2014 conference

Detaled programme for the 2014 Conference
Complete report
Opening session   
Progress of offshore wind through R&D in FP7 and H2020                              Matthijs Soede, European Commission
Innovations in offshore wind through R&D John Olav Tande, SINTEF Energi AS 
Highlights from NORCOWE Joachim Reuder, CMR/NORCOWE 
EERA Design Tool for Offshore wind farm Clusters - DTOC Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy 
Innovative wind conversion systems for offshore applications – INNWIND.EU  Peter Hjuler Jensen, DTU Wind Energy
Parallel sessions  
A1 New turbine technology  

New generator technology for offshore wind turbines

Prof Robert Nilssen, NTNU
Necessity is the mother of invention: nacelle mounted lidar for measurement of turbine performance Matt Smith, Zephir Lidar Ltd.
New rotor concepts for future offshore wind farms Ozlem Ceyhan ECN 
Multi Rotor Systems of 20 MW or more for deep water applications Peter Jamieson, Strathclyde University 
A2 New turbine technology  

DeepWind-from idea to 5 MW concept 

Uwe Scmidt Paulsen, Technical University of Denmark
Dynamic analysis of a floating vertical axis wind turbine during emergency shutdown through mechanical brake and hydrodynamic brake  Kai Wang, NTNU 
Concept design verification of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine using coupled simulations  Fons Huijs, GustoMSC 


B1 Grid connection  
Power system integration of offshore wind farms  Tobias Hennig, Fraunhofer IWES
The Impact of Active Power Losses on the Wind Energy Exploitation of the North Sea Hossein Farahmand, SINTEF Energi AS
Dynamic Series Compensation for the Reinforcement of Network Connections with High Wind Penetration Juan Nambo-Martinez, Strathclyde University
Transient interaction between wind turbine transformer and the collection grid of offshore wind farms Andrzej Holdyk, SINTEF Energy Research


B2 Grid connection (cont.)  
Experimental verification of a voltage droop control for grid integration of offshore wind farms using multi-terminal HVDC Raymundo E. Torres-Olguin, SINTEF Energi AS 

Ancillary Services Analysis of an Offshore Wind Farm Cluster - Technical Integration Steps of an Simulation Tool 

Tobias Hennig, Fraunhofer IWES
Sub-sea cable technology  Hallvard Faremo, SINTEF Energi AS
B3 Power system integration  
Active damping of DC voltage oscillations in multiterminal HVDC systems Salvatore D'Arco, SINTEF Energi AS
Analysis and Design of a LCL DC/DC converter for Offshore Wind Turbines Rene A. Barrera, PhD Student NTNU
Fault Ride Through Enhancement of Multi Technology Offshore Wind Farms Arshad, Ali, University of Strathclyde
Reliability of power electronic converters for offshore wind turbines Magnar Hernes, SINTEF Energi AS
B4 Power System Integration (cont.)  
Design and Optimisation of Offshore Grids in Baltic Sea for Scenario Year 2030  Vin Cent Tai, NTNU
Operation of power electronic converters in offshore wind farms as virtual synchronous machines Jon Are Suul, SINTEF Energy
The Future of HVDC Yiannis Antoniou,  University of Strathclyde
North-Sea Offshore Network – NSON Magnus Korpås, SINTEF Energi AS
C1 Met-ocean conditions  
Using the NORSEWInD lidar array for observing hub-height winds in the North Sea  Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy
Results and conclusions of a floating Lidar offshore test Julia Gottschall, Fraunhofer IWES 
Metocean analysis of a low-level coastal jet off the Norwegian coast  Konstantinos Christakos, Polytec R&D 
Air-Sea Interaction Influenced by Swell Waves  Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen 
C2 Met-ocean conditions (cont.)  
Wave refraction analyses at the western coast of Norway for offshore applications  Ole Henrik Segtnan, Polytec R&D Institute 
Improving Gap Flow Simulations near Coastal Areas of Continental Portugal Paulo Costa, LNEG
Wave driven wind and the effect on offshore wind turbine performance  Siri Kalvig, StormGeo/University of Stavanger 
D Operation & Maintenance  
Fatigue Reliability-Based Inspection and Maintenance Planning of Gearbox Components in Wind Turbine Drivetrains   Amir Nejad, NTNU
Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Remote Inspection of Offshore Wind Farms by Simulating the Operation and Maintenance Phase  Øyvind Netland, NTNU 
The effects of using multi-parameter wave criteria for accessing wind turbines in strategic maintenance and logistics models for offshore wind farms   Iver Bakken Sperstad, SINTEF Energi AS

E1 Installation & sub-structures

Experimental Studies and numerical Modelling of structural Behavior of a Scaled Modular TLP Structure for Offshore Wind turbines  Frank Adam, GICON 
Tension-Leg-Buoy Platforms for Offshore Wind Turbines  Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE 
A preliminary comparison on the dynamics of a floating vertical axis wind turbine on three different floating support structures  Michael Borg, Cranfield University 

Modelling challenges in simulating the coupled motion of a semi-submersible floating vertical axis wind turbine 

R. Antonutti, EDF R&D – IDCORE 

E2 Installation & sub-structures (cont.)

Offshore wind R&D at NREL  Senu Sirnivas, NREL 
Ringing and impulsive excitation of offshore wind turbines from steep and breaking waves on intermediate depth. Results from the Wave Loads project  Henrik Bredmose, DTU, Wind Energy 

Damping of wind turbine tower vibrations by means of stroke amplifying brace concepts 

Mark Brodersen, DTU 
F Wind Farm Optimization   
EERA-DTOC: How aerodynamic and electrical aspects come together in wind farm design  Gerard Schepers, Energy Research Center of the Netherlands
Benchmarking of Lillgrund offshore wind farm scale wake models in the EERA-DTOC project K.S. Hansen, DTU
Variable Frequency Operation for Future Offshore Wind Farm Design: A Comparison with Conventional Wind Turbines Ronan Meere, University College Dublin
Estimation of Possible Power in Offshore Wind Farms during Downregulation, PossPOW Project Tuhfe Göçmen Bozkurt, DTU 

G1 Experimental Testing and Validation 

Joint test field research – selected results from the RAVE initiative Michael Durstewitz, Fraunhofer IWES 
Testing of towing and installation of Reinertsen self-installing concept Marit Reiso, Reinertsen AS
Wind turbine wake blind test Prof Per-Åge Krogstad, NTNU 
Wind Turbine Wake Experiment - Wieringermeer (WINTWEX-W) Valerie-Marie Kumer, UiB

G2 Experimental Testing and Validation (cont.)


Design of a 6-DoF Robotic Platform for Wind Tunnel Tests of Floating Wind Turbines

Marco Belloli, Politecnico di Milano
Experimental study on wake development of floating wind turbine models Stanislav Rockel, ForWind, Univ Oldenburg
Floating Wind Turbines Prof Paul Sclavounos, MIT
Numerical CFD comparison of Lillgrund employing RANS Nikolaos Simisiroglou, WindSim AS


Closing session – Strategic Outlook 


Floating wind technology – future development

Johan Slätte, DNV

Results from the Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme 

Jan Matthiesen, Carbon Trust

Offshore wind developments  

Prof Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech






Numerical simulation of a wind turbine with hydraulic transmission system

Zhiyu Jiang, NTNU 

A DC-OPF Computation for Transmission Network Incorporating HVDC Transmission Systems

Phen Chiak See, NTNU 

Cross-Border Transfer of Electric Power under Uncertainty: A Game of Incomplete Information

Phen Chiak See, NTNU 

FSI-WT: A comprehensive design methodology for Offshore Wind Turbines

Espen Åkervik, FFI
First verification test and wake measurement results using a Ship-Lidar System G Wolken-Möhlmann, Fraunhofer IWES
Buoy-mounted lidar provides accurate wind measurement for offshore wind farm developments Jan-Petter Mathisen, Fugro OCEANOR
Characterization of the SUMO turbulence measurement system for wind turbine wake assessment Line Båserud, UiB

Field Measurements of Wave Breaking Statistics Using Video Camera for Offshore Wind Application

Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, UiB
Stochastic Particle Trajectories in the Wake of Large Wind Farm Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, UiB
LiDAR Measurement Campaign Sola (LIMECS) Valerie-Marie Kumer, UiB
Fatigue Reliability-Based Inspection and Maintenance Planning of Gearbox Components in Wind Turbine Drivetrains Amir Nejad, NTNU
Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) of Electron Beam (EB) welded flange connection of wind turbine towers, P. Noury, Luleå University of Technology 
A Multiscale Wind and Power forecast system for wind farm Adil Rasheed, SINTEF ICT 
NOWITECH Reference Wind Farm Henrik Kirkeby, SINTEF Energi AS 
Actuator disk wake model in RaNS Vitor M. M. G. Costa Gomes, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto 
Model reduction based on CFD for wind farm layout assessment Chad Jarvis, Christian Michelsen Research AS 
Energy yield prediction of offshore wind farm clusters at the EERA-DTOC European project  E. Cantero, CENER 
Sizing of Offshore Wind Localized Energy Storage Franz LaZerte, NTNU 
Unsteady aerodynamics of attached flow for a floating wind turbine Lene Eliassen, UiS 
FloVAWT: development of a coupled dynamics design tool for floating vertical axis wind turbines Michael Borg, Cranfield University 
Use of an industrial strength aeroelastic software tool educating wind turbine technology engineers Paul E. Thomassen, Simis as 

Offshore ramp forecasting using offsite data

Pål Preede Revheim, UiA 

Significance of unsteady aerodynamics in floating wind turbine design

Roberts Proskovics, Univ of Strathclyde

Synergy and disadvantage: Offshore wind farm integration with aquaculture farm

Wei He, Statoil
Multiphysics optimization of ironless permanent magnet generator with super computer S.M. Muyeen, The Petroleum Institute

Wind Tunnel Testing of a Floating Wind Turbine Moving in Surge and Pitch

Jan Bartl, NTNU

Sub-sea Energy Storage for Deep-sea Wind Farms

Ole Christian Spro, SINTEF Energi AS

How can more advanced failure modelling contribute to improving life-cycle cost analyses of offshore wind farms?

Kari-Marie Høyvik Holmstrøm, University of East London
Will 10 MW wind turbines bring down the operation and maintenance cost of offshore wind farms? Matthias Hofmann/Iver Sperstad Bakken, SINTEF Energi AS
Modelling of Lillgrund wind farm: Effect of wind direction Balram Panjwani, SINTEF
Lab-scale implementation of a multi-terminal HVDC grid connecting offshore wind farms   Raymundo Torres-Olguin, SINTEF