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SINTEF Digital

SINTEF Digital conducts research and innovation in digital technologies and technology-oriented social sciences. Our multi-disciplinary knowledge base is used across all industries and helps our customers exploit and meet the opportunities created by digitalization and digital transformation.

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Airspector: Coverage Path Planning for 3D Aerial Inspection

Airspector: Coverage Path Planning for 3D Aerial Inspection


In Airspector we are building tools for planning and simulating aerial inspection missions using autonomous drones. Our goal is to make it simple to plan efficient and safe drone paths to inspect any 3D model, to inspect any type of infrastructure in...

Research Programmes

SESAR Joint Undertaking

SESAR Joint Undertaking

SINTEF Digital is a full member through the NATMIG consortium together with 18 other partners/consortia, approximately 80 partners including third parties.


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