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Authors Hoegh-Guldberg Ove Caldeira Ken Gaines Steve Chopin Thierry Haugan Peter M. Hemer Mark Northrop Eliza Howard Jennifer Konar Manaswita Krause-Jensen Dorte Lindstad Elizabeth Lovelock Catherine E. Michelin Mark Nielsen Finn Gunnar Parker Robert Roy Joyashree Smith Tristan Some Shreya Tyedmers Peter
Year 2019
Type Report/thesis

Oil weathering predictions have been performed using the Subsea module integrated in the SINTEF Oil Weathering Model (OWM) of a relevant subsea release from a pipeline rupture (batch release) at the Oda oil field. The OSCAR plume model was run to simulate the buoyancy of the rising plume and initial...

Year 2019
Type Report/thesis