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The Gemini collaboration

The Gemini collaboration represents a model for strategic research coordination between parallel research groups at SINTEF, NTNU and the University of Oslo. The aim is to develop large-scale technical centres that produce higher quality results collectively than the individual groups would achieve independently. The Gemini Collaboration will enable collaborating groups to grasp new opportunities and bring them to fruition in the form of better value generation and profitability.

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High-quality technical centres are in great demand internationally from both commercial clients and students. So the Gemini centres are working with a shared vision:

"Global excellence together"

In order for the collaboration to work, the groups must undertake to adhere to joint strategic processes as the basis for their research planning, technical coordination in connection with large-scale projects, joint fora for concept development and information exchange, the collective presentation of collaborative projects, and shared approaches to investment and the operation of laboratories and equipment. The strategic plan encompasses all aspects of the collaboration model, from teaching and research to commercial research projects, entrepreneurship, recruitment and internationalisation.

The model presupposes a planned, preferred and actively maintained joint effort between what are otherwise independent entities, the essentials of which are a willingness to co-operate and a mutual understanding and respect for each others' roles and distinctiveness. Collaboration must be characterised by independence and equality of status, an inclusive spirit and equitable resource allocation.

The then Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry Ansgar Gabrielsen designated the first four Gemini centres on 29 August 2003, since when the total has increased to more than 20. Centres are designated for terms of three-years after which they must apply for redesignation. Many centres have now entered their third term.

There is broad agreement among the research groups involved in the Gemini Collaboration that it contributes towards:

  • achieving effective and long-term co-operation by means of mutual commitment.
  • better utilisation of laboratory facilities and joint equipment upgrades.
  • a movement away from individual collaboration towards the development of larger, robust research centres.
  • a comprehensively planned interplay between basic and applied research.
  • greater universal exposure in relation to clients and students.

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Gemini-senter er en modell for strategisk samhandling mellom faggrupper ved NTNU, SINTEF, Universitetet i Oslo, St. Olavs Hospital og NTNU Samfunnsforskning.