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SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries. Our ambition is to continue Norway's leading position in marine technology and biomarine research. Many of the challenges of modern society can be solved through sustainable use of the ocean. Transport, food and energy production represent the backbone of ocean-based industries, and are also core areas for SINTEF Ocean. In addition, we focus on environmental technology, with one of the world’s leading professional environments in marine environmental technology. Through cooperation in the SINTEF group, we are also able to integrate our own expertise with expert technological knowledge from other industry sectors.

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Research News

Security through cooperation

Security through cooperation

In a world where both traditional security and climate play an increasing role, international cooperation has become particularly important. On Tuesday 16. April, the commanders of seven of the Arctic nations’ coast guards met for the Artic Coast...

Full speed towards green shipping

Full speed towards green shipping

Reducing energy consumption and replacing fossil with renewable fuels within the maritime sector is a large and global challenge. The new Norway-based research center FME MarTrans aims to find sustainable solutions for the maritime energy transition.

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