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Circular Bioeconomy

Circular bioeconomy means that we are able to recycle most of the biological waste we throw away. For example, leftover food, wood and leather products.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable circular bioeconomy should largely focus on biomass that cannot be used as food, such as seaweed, algae and waste from food production.

SINTEF is looking at how food waste, sludge and surplus heat can be part of the solution. We have a long way to go. Fortunately, it does not depend on the will of the industry and the public, but on access to good and profitable technologies and solutions. We need extensive research and innovation to find, develop and commercialize the solutions that will let us go from a linear to a circular society.





Sawdust becomes environmentally friendly fish feed

Sawdust becomes environmentally friendly fish feed

By converting by-products from the sawmill industry into proteins for fish feed, both the forestry and fish feed industries can achieve a more environmentally friendly and high-quality product