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Mobile Sealab

This mobile facility enables you, in collaboration with SINTEF, to develop new products and optimise your production technology for the processing of virtually any kind of raw material, including waste raw materials.

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Manufacture oil and protein hydrolysates from your own fresh raw materials. Optimise production by carrying out further processing of your high-quality raw materials. Enhance your position and market share using tomorrow's technology to supply the best products available.

A complete factory facility

The Mobile Sealab contains a small, but complete, factory facility for the recovery of oil, protein-rich fractions, and other nutrients from waste raw materials produced by the fisheries industry. Currently, raw materials such as fish backbones, offal, and off-cuts from fillet production are processed to make low-quality animal feed. However, it is perfectly possible to produce food quality Omega-3 fish oil and proteins from these raw materials.

High-quality raw materials

In order to safeguard its potential, it is essential that the raw material is completely fresh when it is processed. This is why the facility we offer is mobile. The Mobile Sealab can be dispatched to production locations that are not equipped with processing facilities, but which want to perform tests to see if their waste raw materials are suitable for further processing. A plant that is applying its own, established, methods of fish oil and/or protein product processing may utilise the Mobile Sealab and SINTEF's expertise to carry out experiments with the aim of optimising their processes.

In order to determine the design criteria for a future production facility, the waste raw materials should be tested under real processing conditions. Every process must be designed and adapted to the characteristics of the raw material and the demands of the market. A mobile pilot facility enables a processing company, often in collaboration with a client, to more easily identify the products in which it wishes to invest its efforts. This might be a high-quality fish oil, a protein hydrolysate with specific properties, or a flexible manufacturing approach involving both.

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Mobile Sealab may transported to your place for analysis on site.