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The SINTEF School

The SINTEF School offers a wide range of educational and personal development activities.

In order to take care of our commitment to society and to develop solutions to the major challenges of our time, we rely on employees with a high level of professional ability. SINTEF's ambition to be a world-leading research institute depends on employees who continuously develop their own and their colleagues' skills and who share their knowledge and networks.

For this reason we have our own SINTEF School, offering a wide range of educational and personal development activities.

The SINTEF School places great emphasis on promoting effective educational environments. As a new employee you will participate in a training programme called "Velkommen til SINTEF" (Welcome to SINTEF), in which you will get to know the entire SINTEF organisation with its special qualities and values, as well as finding out about your own career opportunities. You will also receive training in project work and project management, in which you will learn how to promote teamwork to achieve project goals and contribute to wealth creation at SINTEF. Courses in effective communication and EU project work, as well as Norwegian and English language courses, are also among the training programmes offered by the SINTEF School. A development programme for line managers is also available.

At the SINTEF School you will be given challenging tasks and ample opportunity to develop, both professionally and personally, while interacting with colleagues from the entire SINTEF organisation.