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Marine Environment

Marine ecosystems include biotic organisms and abiotic elements the free water masses and the seabed in all sea areas from fjords and coastal areas to the open sea.

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In a sustainable marine economy, effective protection of marine ecosystems, sustainable use of marine resources and equitable prosperity go hand in hand. Environmental considerations are a prerequisite for sustainable industrial development of the ocean space. Sustainable growth in the marine industries must therefore take place on the premises of marine ecosystems.

SINTEF has a conceptual and scientific / environmental expertise to create good environmental solutions for our customers - nationally and internationally. We have a special focus on the fate and effects of environmental toxins in marine ecosystems and on solutions to reduce environmental risk associated with planned emissions and accidents related to industrial activities.

We meet environmental challenges and develop sustainable solutions with the use of basic research in our laboratories, applied studies in our mesoscale facilities and verification of the solutions in our full-scale coastal and fjord laboratories.