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Drone Laboratory

SINTEF Drone Laboratory is an arena for development of drone hardware and software.

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It is focusing on combination of open hardware design and open-source software for flight planning, drone operations and data processing. Both custom-made drone platforms and commercial off-the-shelf drones are available together with a wide range of sensors to address various problems and applications.

SINTEF Drone Laboratory gathers equipment for developing drone platforms. It comprises tools and spare parts for building and maintaining custom-made platforms as well as commercial off-the-shelf drones. Various sensors allowing high resolution mapping of surface and subsurface features are also operating on drone platforms. High resolution positioning systems (RTK-GPS) are also part of the drone packages. Powerful server capacity is also available for flight simulations and data processing.


  • Commercial off-the-shelf drones
    • DJI Matrice 300 RTK
    • DJI Mini 2
  • Custom made drones
    • GeoDrones prototype 1 RTK
  • Drone mounted sensors
    • RGB cameras
    • Ground penetrating radar: Zond Aero 1GHz
    • Multispectral camera
  • Positioning systems
    • RTK GPS base station and tripod
  • Building tools and spare parts
  • Data processing and simulation server


SINTEF is a certified drone operator in Norway and follows Luftfartstilsynet and EASA regulations. SINTEF operates following the SINTEF UAS operations manual for open category and is applying for specific category permit for flights BVLOS.

Contact information

SINTEF Drone Laboratory is located in S.P. Andersens vei 15 B on Lerkendal in Trondheim.