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Sensors are the foundation of digitalisation and autonomy, whether they are used for robotics, heart rate monitoring or controlling industrial processes. Today, SINTEF is world leading in designing and building advanced sensor components and systems for industrial and commercial use.

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Our strength lies in the fact that we not only produce sensor components, we also develop applied measurement solutions. In addition, we can contribute with advanced interpretation and analysis of sensor data. We apply the best technology – or build new systems from scratch – and interpret in-the-field sensor data in collaboration with our clients. The sensors we develop cover a range of applications from monitoring industrial smelters to helping people with serious health conditions.

It is important to us that the technology we develop is based on the prioritised needs of the market or the client, whether this is size, price, measurement speed, robustness, or power consumption. We aim to deliver reliable sensor data that creates value for our clients . We develop and build sensor prototypes for testing in the real-world, and use a 'first principles' approach to build a thorough understanding of the relationship between sensor performance and the measurement environment. Our combined expertise means that we can handle most sensor challenges, providing ground-breaking and agile solutions for industry. With expertise in physics, measurement technology, data analysis, computer vision and artificial intelligence, we can maximise the potential of your sensor data. Our goal is to develop and adapt sensor technology that contributes to a safer and smarter society.

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Privacy@Edge: Privacy-aware Edge and Data Subjects

Privacy@Edge: Privacy-aware Edge and Data Subjects


The Privacy@Edge project aims to enhance individual privacy awareness and control in the IoT landscape by developing intuitive tools that simplify complex privacy policies and offer personalized privacy recommendations.