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Applied Optics

Applied Optics

Research Manager
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We build advanced optical measurement systems for industrial and commercial applications. Our solutions are based on a fundamental understanding of physics, optics and spectroscopy. It is possible for us to develop novel technology, adapt off-the-shelf technology, or a combination of both. We are experienced in integrating sensor prototypes or solutions inline, and providing an unbiased validation of the sensor performance.

We have broad experience in multivariate analysis, machine learning and calibration methods, enabling us to extract relevant information from sensor data.

Our technical expertise includes optical measurement techniques, optical instrumentation design, detectors, illumination design, prototyping, numerical modelling, and data analytics.

How we work
The starting point, when a client come to us with a measurement challenge, is to determine if it has the potential to be solved using an optical system. We develop optical systems where off-the-shelf technology does not exist, or where existing technology needs to be evaluated or further adapted for it to function in the intended environment. Our role is to carefully go through the challenges with the client to determine the best measurement principle, and design and implement a suitable system for testing. By building robust optical prototypes, we move quickly from the lab to the field, gaining a better understanding of our clients' measurement environments and the online performance of the measurement system. We work closely with both technology providers and end-users of technology.