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Seafood processing

At SINTEF, we work with the development of innovative automated processes within seafood and food production.

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Future production in fisheries and aquaculture will be assisted by new technologies such as sensory, robotics and autonomy. We have world-leading expertise in replacing human eye - brain - hand with machine vision - computer - manipulator. We bring together solution-oriented and interdisciplinary teams with industry experience to solve issues and contribute to industrialization of processes across the entire value chain - from initial handling to finished product.





Could this dry battery system be Elon Musk’s next big thing?

Could this dry battery system be Elon Musk’s next big thing?

The idea behind batteries is to make the planet greener, but they all start their lives as energy-demanding environmental liabilities. Research scientists at SINTEF have succeeded in making batteries cheaper and simpler using a process that requires...

CCS: From Conference to Classroom

CCS: From Conference to Classroom

On Friday 20 May, SINTEF Research Scientist Ingrid Snustad gave a presentation on carbon capture and storage (CCS) to a room of approx. 600 Norwegian school children in Oslo, Norway.