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Seafood processing

At SINTEF, we work with the development of innovative automated processes within seafood and food production.

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Future production in fisheries and aquaculture will be assisted by new technologies such as sensory, robotics and autonomy. We have world-leading expertise in replacing human eye - brain - hand with machine vision - computer - manipulator. We bring together solution-oriented and interdisciplinary teams with industry experience to solve issues and contribute to industrialization of processes across the entire value chain - from initial handling to finished product.





Recycling snuff boxes to make new products

Recycling snuff boxes to make new products

Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed them. Empty snuff boxes littered all over our streets and parks. But instead of being just rubbish, they can now be recycled to make new products.

Making oxygen on the Moon

Making oxygen on the Moon

The Moon’s atmosphere is entirely devoid of oxygen. If humans want to stay there for extended periods, it will be of great benefit to make breathable oxygen there instead of having to transport it from Earth. But is this at all possible?