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The research institutes SINTEF Materials and Chemistry and SINTEF Petroleum Research have merged from 1 January 2018. The new institute is called SINTEF Industry.

Advanced analysis of topographic data

Advanced analysis of topographic data

Programs developed by SINTEF for data acquisition and analysis of topographic data from our WYKO NT-2000 White Light Interferometer (WLI).

ZimSeq and AliMeas

ZimSeq is a program that takes as input a series of topographic images made from the same sample in the course of a process where the surface changes (etching, electropolishing, drying, melting, etc.) These topographic data are converted into a video clip showing the changes in topography. The program also gives quantitative information about the surface topography, and can easily be adapted to give out any desired topographic data.

AliMeas was developed to streamline the analysis of etching depths in dental enamel. A topographic image of the original surface is subtracted from images made at later stages of the etching process. In this way only the changes are shown, and the etching depth can be measured with high accuracy relative to an inert reference surface.

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