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Health Technology Innovation Lab

The Health Technology Innovation Lab is an innovation and demonstration environment for physiological monitoring equipment and integrated Telecare-, Telehealth- and Smart home solutions.

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Equipment for

Physiological monitoring

AD Instruments data acquisition system with LabChart Pro SW for data analysis and miscellaneous front end systems:

  • 4 channel isolated bio-amplifiers for electrodes (ECG; EMG; EEG etc.)
  • Thermistor for skin temperature
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Biopac BioNomadix Cardiac output (Impedance cardiography), respiration and ECG

In addition we have various commercial stand alone sensors and in-house produced sensors

Exercise equipment

  • Programmable treadmill
  • Programmable exercise bicycle

Telecare-, Telehealth- and Smart home solutions

  • Video communication and follow-up
  • Biomedical sensors for remote monitoring
  • In-house safety sensors and smart home technology
  • Smart gateway for data integration of heterogeneous data
  • Decision support applications for health personnel
  • Patient support and motivational apps
  • Collaboration and health service process support


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Visiting address: Forskningsveien 1B

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