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Artificial Intelligence

Today humans are surrounded by breakthroughs within the field of Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms based on artificial intelligence recognises text, speech, sounds and images  -  and they are changing the shape of our common future.

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At SINTEF research is a part of the rapid and ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence. The objective of Ai research done by our scientists is to collaborate with our partners to build world-leading competence and to enable clients to be part of the progress.

Artificial intelligence is key to the smart analytics of larger volumes of data that cannot be processed by humans. Using artificial intelligence, we now have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by utilising the high-quality data and knowledge that we already possess.

It is said that the future is intelligent and that intelligence is about reaching complex goals. Ai@SINTEF is our laboratory for building, testing and achieving those goals. And we invite you to be a part of it.



Airspector: Coverage Path Planning for 3D Aerial Inspection

Airspector: Coverage Path Planning for 3D Aerial Inspection


In Airspector we are building tools for planning and simulating aerial inspection missions using autonomous drones. Our goal is to make it simple to plan efficient and safe drone paths to inspect any 3D model, to inspect any type of infrastructure in...

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