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Industrial Cyber Safety

Digitalisation in the industrial sector means that previously isolated ICT systems are now being linked to the internet, enabling us to exploit both historical and real-time data, stimulate more efficient production and operations, and automate a whole series of processes. Increased digitalisation may provide higher levels of safety, but can also increase our vulnerability to cyber attacks.

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Since the distinction between industrial and office administration systems is now being erased, attacks on the latter may provide a launch pad for unwanted access to our industrial systems. This threat situation is becoming increasingly complex, and the work needed to safeguard our security requires new knowledge and approaches.

At SINTEF we are developing both new knowledge and practical solutions designed to prevent harm from coming to people and the external environment while at the same time protecting systems and physical hardware from cyber attacks.

We are helping to ensure that industry and society's critical systems can be digitalised safely and securely. Our aim is to ensure that organisations achieve increased levels of security and competitiveness. We employ research-based expertise as a basis for developing knowledge, guidelines and innovative solutions. We act as advisers when organisations apply new technologies. We have extensive experience in research into security issues in sectors such as oil and gas, power and energy and maritime transport.