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InterQ - Digital technologies for the integrated quality management in zero defect manufacturing

The InterQ European project aims to provide a full control of the quality of industrial manufacturing processes and equipment, moving towards zero defect manufacturing, which is a key challenge in strategic economic sectors, such as aeronautics, energy, and automotive.

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Currently, thanks to digital means, a large volume of data is generated and stored, but, without adequate processing and management technologies, it is not possible to produce accurate, reliable, secure, and relevant information to optimize efficiency and quality of industrial processes. “The InterQ platform seeks a response to this problem. It is a solution focused on data processing for the optimisation of zero-defect manufacturing processes, so that quality can be traced along the entire value chain" said the coordinator of the initiative, Jokin Muñoa (IDEKO).

Some highlights

  • The InterQ project seeks to develop a digital platform for the generation and integrated management of data with the aim of ensuring the quality of products and processes under the zero-defect manufacturing paradigm.

  • The initiative seeks to construct a new generation of digital twins and to use artificial intelligence sensors and algorithms to increase the efficiency of key sectors such as aeronautics, energy and automotive. 

  • InterQ is a project with 25 partners from 11 European countries, funded by the European Union.

Industrial use cases

The industrial use cases are where the technologies of InterQ are developed and tested in real-world production of the aerospace industry (Aeromec and ITP Aero), the energy sector (Wind Power Energy Gearbox by Gamesa), and the automotive industry (Renault).


InterQ is part of the 4ZDM cluster and DMP-ZDM community, where synergies are built with sister projects like DAT4.ᴢᴇʀᴏ (coordinated by SINTEF Manufacturing). For example, the following workshop has been co-organized by InterQ and DAT4.ZERO, namely the International Workshop on Software Engineering and AI for Data Quality in Cyber-Physical Systems 

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2023


European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 958357 and it is an initiative of the Factories-of-the-Future (FoF) Public Private Partnership.

Cooperation Partners

Ideko, Engineering, DNV, ITP Aero, Renault, Gamesa, Comau, Danobat, Inlecom, ModuleWorks, Promicron, OptoSurf, DataThings, Tributech, VideoSystems, Hexagon, Q-DAS, Predict, Aeromec, Cedrat Technologies, SINTEF, Tekniker, TU Darmstadt, University of the Basque Country, University College Dublin, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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