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Electric power components

Reliable electric power components in the transmission and distribution grid are crucial for the power system’s ability to provide society with secure, sustainable and competitive electricity at any one time.

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The physical infrastructure is the true backbone of the future electrical energy system. Therefore, the development and adoption of power system components is a precondition for and enabler of the electrification that lies ahead of us. At SINTEF, we have world-class expertise and electric power laboratories, and we work closely with industry to develop the electric power components of the future.

Smart solutions and cost-effective components and systems that take health, safety and environment (HSE) into account are necessary for safeguarding the electrical energy system’s critical social functions.

Future grid components must also be able to withstand new types of stresses and more variable operating patterns than before. This is largely due to positive changes, such as increased electrification (and changing consumption patterns as a result) and a greater proportion of variable renewable energy production. However, this is also due to threats, such as cyberattacks and extreme weather.

Together with our customers and collaboration partners, we have extensive R&D and testing activity related to electric power components. Our main goal is to contribute to increased value creation, as well as secure, sustainable and cost-effective use of the power system.

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