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Digitalised electric power components

Digitaliserte elkraftkomponenter

Digitalising electric power components presents great opportunities for securing electrical supply by streamlining the operation and maintenance of the energy system.

We are working together with our customers to develop data-driven optimisation models as well as smarter and more reliable electrical power components by integrating digital solutions, such as sensor systems, as well as create data-driven optimisation models.

A reliable power grid is one of the pillars of modern-day, high-tech society, and therefore, operational reliability is crucial. Flexible power grids with more energy produced from renewable sources and increased consumer flexibility mean that the stresses on grid components will be more dynamic compared to the current usage patterns. This will lead to less predictable grid ageing and wear and tear. Therefore,   are necessary for maintaining the security of supply. By digitalising the components in the power grid, we can automate operational routines and condition controls, which are currently manual. This contributes to streamlining power grid operations, avoiding abnormalities, and discovering weaknesses before they can develop into serious errors.

The process of digitalising electric power components must consider the technology integrated in the component itself, the safe communication of data, and efficient big data management. At SINTEF, we combine expertise on digitalisation with in-depth expertise on ageing and breakdown mechanisms in power components, and we work with various fields in this area. Our work includes designing and testing sensor systems that monitor critical parameters for ageing, as well as developing physical models that estimate the technical condition and remaining lifetime based on user patterns and measurement data.

Our typical projects include:

  • Collaborating with industrial and academic partners as part of large research projects in order to develop new solutions for digitalised electric power components
  • Conducting commissioned research into adapting solutions according to local needs
  • Testing and verifying digital component systems in both laboratory experiments and field work

We work with the following topics:

  • Digital twins of electric power components
  • The development, testing and follow-up of digital and automated condition control systems
  • Design and tests of sensor systems for electric grid components
  • Tests of communication and network solutions for safe and reliable component control and monitoring
  • The development of physical models and numerical methods for interpreting measurement data and predicting the lifetime of electric power components
  • Time synchronisation for locating errors and weaknesses
  • Advanced big data analyses for the further development of operating and maintaining the energy system
  • Battery control systems

Who do we do this for?

  • Grid companies
  • Energy companies
  • Equipment suppliers

Examples of projects related to digitalised electric power components:






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