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Frequency dependent pi-model

Graphical user interface for generating FDpi models of HVDC cables

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Please click the link below to download the files available as interactive content of the following manuscript:

S. D'Arco, J. A. Suul, J. Beerten, "Configuration and Model Order Selection of Frequency-Dependent π-model for representing dc cables in small-signal eigenvalue analysis of HVDC transmission systems," submitted to IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, August 2019

Download link FD-PI tool with Grapical User Interface

The compressed folder available from the download link above includes:

  • An executable program application that can be used to generate the results presented in the manuscript
  • A document containing a user guide for the program application
  • A folder structure containing a set of input files corresponding to the various cables analysed in the manuscript
  • A readme-file with brief information about recommended computer settings and software"

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