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Power Grid and Market Analysis (PowerGAMA)

PowerGAMA is an open-source Python package for power system grid and market analyses.

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PowerGAMA is a lightweight simulation tool for high level analyses of renewable energy integration in large power systems. The simulation tool optimises the generation dispatch, i.e. the power output from all generators in the power system, based on marginal costs for each timestep over a given period, for example one year. It takes into account the variable power available for solar, hydro and wind power generators. It also takes into account the variability of demand. Moreover, it is flow-based meaning that the power flow in the AC grid is determined by physical power flow equations.

Since some generators may have an energy storage (hydro power with reservoir and concentrated solar power with thermal storage) the optimal solution in one timestep depends on the previous timestep, and the problem is therefore be solved sequentially. A realistic utilisation of energy storage is ensured through the use of storage values.

PowerGAMA does not include any power market subtleties (such as start-up costs, limited ramp rates, forecast errors, unit commitments) and as such will tend to overestimate the ability to accommodate large amounts of variable renewable energy. Essentially it assumes a perfect market based on nodal pricing without barriers between different countries. This is naturally a gross oversimplification of the real power system, but gives nonetheless very useful information to guide the planning of grid developments and to assess broadly the impacts of new generation and new interconnections.

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