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Solar energy

SINTEF is doing research to make solar energy more efficient, more competitive, and more environmentally friendly.

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Solar energy is experiencing a vast growth both in Norway and globally. Solar energy will play a pivotal role in the energy transition from fossil to renewables and provide clean energy to  parts of the world where many people still do not have access to electricity.  

In many places, solar energy is competitive without subsidies, but we still need to do research to make the technology even better.

  • It's about making solar cells and solar collectors more efficient, so that more of the solar radiation can be converted into electricity and heat.
  • It is also about integrating solar energy systems into buildings and energy systems in a better way.
  • In addition, we are researching how the production of solar cells and solar cell installations can be improved to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the environmental impact through recycling and reuse of materials.
  • We research the production and material development of silicon, which is the mainstay of 95% of the solar cells produced today.
  • In order to maintain the value of materials and the finished solar modules, we work to reduce material and energy consumption, close material flows, remove waste flows, extend the product life and develop repairable and recyclable designs.
  • Solar heat can also be converted directly into usable heat for industrial processes. We are working to implement innovative technologies to increase the operating temperature, optimize efficiency and the possibility of getting cold production.

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What will the price of your neighbours solar power be?

What will the price of your neighbours solar power be?

In the future, we will see the emergence of local energy communities made up of households and businesses who buy and sell electricity among themselves. But someone will have to work out how to determine the price.

Projects on solar energy




The GraphInk project will develop sustainable, cost-effective and scalable methodologies to prepare non-toxic rGO-based inks with electrical, mechanical and stability properties significantly superior to those of benchmark carbon-based inks.

PRESAV - Predictive control for active heat storage in buildings

PRESAV - Predictive control for active heat storage in buildings


PRESAV will develop various predictive control strategies for active heat storage accounting for electricity price, district heating price, weather forecast (especially solar irradiance and outdoor temperature) and local heat demand in buildings with...