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Gaute Stokkan

Research Manager

I have worked with solar energy in SINTEF since 2013, and has previously been employed at ScanWafer, REC and NTNU, dealing with the same topic. My particular interest has been production and properties of the main solar cell material, silicon. Dislocations, grain boundaries and impurities are fun.

Lately I have become more engageed in topics related to solar cell usage, such as BIPV and agrivoltaics.


MSc in physics from Norwegian Institute of Technology, NTH, in 1995. PhD in materials science from NTNU in 2004: Characterization of multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Development of characterization method for the combined effect of dislocatoins and grain boundaries on the minority carrier lifetime.

Competence and research areas

Solar energy, solar cells, photovoltaics, materials science, crystal defects, dislocations, materials characterization, BIPV, agrivoltaics.

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Alfred Getz' vei 2B