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Integrate is a software system for the planning of energy systems with multiple energy carriers.

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Integrate (previously eTransport) is a software system for the optimisation of integrated energy systems. It can be used to optimise the development of an energy system, while taking into account the projections in energy demand and the different technological possibilities for energy supply, conversion between energy carriers, distribution, storage, end-use measures and restructions on CO2 emissions.

The solution methodology is a combination of linear programming (LP) and dynamic programming (DP / SDP). The end result from the model is a cost-effective development plan, as well as a model of the operation of the system hour by hour in different seasons.

Integrate is used to study local energy systems, such as a housing association or a district. There is also an associated model for the entire European energy system : Integrate Europe.

Key features:

  • Visual representation of the whole energy system
  • Calculates the optimal development plan for a given period (for example the next 50 years)
  • Operational optimisation with hourly resolution
  • Takes into account that different energy carriers can both compete and be complimentary

User interface of the Integrate software

User interface of the Integrate software
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