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Building Construction Laboratory

The main focus of this laboratory is large-scale testing on the climate screen. We can document, develop, and research building materials, components, and entire building components used in energy-efficient buildings that must withstand climate loads in an increasingly harsh climate.

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In our laboratories, we can test materials and components for all seasons and get the answer to whether they are suitable in a Nordic climate.

Aging and durability

The laboratory has several facilities used to test climate impact and durability. The unique thing about this equipment is that it can test large and complex components and structures:

  • Climate carousel
  • Climate cabinet/heating cabinet
  • Climate simulator (with solar radiation of up to 1000W per sqm)
  • SunTest, Sun Simulator, "Sunbed"
  • Freeze/thaw machine
  • Durability - large scale

Testing the durability of materials and structures is essential for developing lasting solutions. Our laboratories document technical approvals and research/develop new materials/solutions with our customers.

Testing facilities:

  • Simulation of climate loads (accelerated aging) and exposure in natural climates
  • Suitability of materials and building systems for exposure in the Nordic climate.
  • Sun exposure (UV and IR radiation)
  • Precipitation and moisture load
  • Frost load down to -20 ° C
  • Paint systems, facade materials (plates, plaster .....)
  • Wind barrier systems (foils, plates, tape, sealing components)

Airtightness, rain tightness, and wind load

We offer testing of climate loads on structures and components with large test surfaces (approx. 3x3 m), where we can take in actual structures with the correct dimensions. In addition, it is easy to move the test objects between the equipment units.

Testing facilities

  • Density against rain in combination with wind pressure
  • Airtightness (wind tightness)
  • Barrier layer, roll, and plate products
  • Facade systems
  • Windows and window insertion
  • Roof constructions

Thermal insulation/heat resistance

We can measure heat resistance on large composite structures and declare lambda value on insulation materials. It is also possible to measure heat resistance (or heat conduction) on granules (blow insulation, light clinker sand, and the like)

We have several frames and stencils for mounting components and constructions. They can be put in a HotBox (3x4m), a large, free-standing, and rotatable equipment where we can measure heat resistance in walls/floors/ceilings. In addition, we can perform measurements on horizontal and inclined constructions, and we can test the construction in the positions wall, ceiling, or floor.

Testing facilities

  • U-value / heat resistance
  • Flatness and dimensions
  • Dimensional stability
  • Compressive strength and tensile strength

Contact information

The laboratory is located at Høgskoleringen 7B in Trondheim, close to the other laboratory facilities of SINTEF Community and NTNU.