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Building Constructions

SINTEF conducts research, project investigation, consultancy and third-party control of most types of constructions. We see constructions and physical infrastructure in a life cycle perspective.

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We are involved in large and small projects within building physics, energy use, climate change and climate adaptation. The projects deal with rehabilitation of existing buildings, new buildings, as well as development and innovation related to new building materials, systems and methods.

We also work to optimize the construction process. Today, strict requirements are placed on competence and management, innovative thinking and change competence in the entire value chain of the construction industry; from authorities and builders, architects and consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.





‘Blue-green’ roofs can prevent stormwater run-off

‘Blue-green’ roofs can prevent stormwater run-off

Urban growth, densification and climate change are putting increasing pressure on our water drainage systems. We now need better systems to manage the increasing number of uncontrolled stormwater events.