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The construction industry is going through a major transformation to become more efficient and climate- and environmentally friendly. We must take better care of the infrastructure and resources we have, while there is also a need for development and modernization.

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SINTEF is an important contributor to this transformation.

We provide research, project investigation, special advice, greenhouse gas calculations and third-party control of bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, dams, mountain halls and floating structures. We also offer laboratory and field investigations, numerical analyzes as well as risk and vulnerability analyses.

We see constructions and physical infrastructure in a life-cycle perspective, and develop future solutions together with the BAE industry. All phases of a project, such as raw material extraction, transport, production, use and disposal, are included in the environmental accounts.

Emission-free construction sites

We will develop emission-free construction sites that do not contribute to direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions may come from energy use during the construction process, use and operation of machinery, transport of materials and construction machinery.

Smarter use of materials

Masses of rock taken out of tunnels are often transported straight to landfills, before new rock is transported in to build roads and tracks. By facilitating the reuse of materials, we can both save nature and reduce landfills and emissions from the production and transport of materials.

Underground constructions

We have extensive experience within developing underground facilities for hydropower, the mining industry, underwater tunnels and oil and gas storage. We participate with research-based advice and investigations in projects at home and abroad. Sustainable, safe and profitable solutions constitute the starting point of all our projects.





‘Blue-green’ roofs can prevent stormwater run-off

‘Blue-green’ roofs can prevent stormwater run-off

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Winter salting caused the crash – not the steel

Winter salting caused the crash – not the steel

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