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EO mining platform

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The objective of the project is to establish an integrated platform to improve the critical raw materials value chain by promoting sustainable mining practices.

The practices will be demonstrated in EU countries (Greece and Spain), and validated at six mining sites, showcasing its systemic innovations.

Data ecosystem

  • Link and utilize data from various sources, such as Copernicus satellite, ground radar, drones, and in-situ sensing, to monitor the entire life cycle of raw materials. 

Analysis ready data and raw material spectral library

  • It will process multisensory EO data to become analysis ready data and combine it semantically with in-situ data to create an open and standardized raw material spectral library. This will support critical raw materials' mining life cycle and mapping of primary and secondary materials.

EO services for the mining industry

  • Develop and deploy services essential to the supply chain, including mapping critical raw materials, mineral exploration, extraction rates in opencast mines, and stockpile volumes. Additionally, it will provide a dynamic hazard mapping service for proactive risk management at mining sites.

Green & resilience accountability

  • This component will quantify the environmental and socio-economic impact of mining activities in different phases (e.g., permission, operation, post-closure) to promote critical raw materials supply chain resilience and sustainability.


  • 15 organizations from six EU members
  • Six major academic and research institutions, six SMEs and one LE, one national standardization body, and one mining cluster.

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