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Energy efficiency in buildings

Buildings account for forty percent of the total energy consumption in Norway. In order to solve the electricity crisis and reach the climate targets, we must improve energy efficiency.

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We must build energy-efficient buildings, but since the building stock is being replaced slowly, it is just as important to make what has already been built more energy-efficient.

Energy efficiency can be about building technical solutions, ventilation, lighting, temperature control, heating systems, energy flexibility and how to use the buildings.

SINTEF finds solutions for both new and existing buildings. We work with all types of buildings: residential, public buildings and commercial buildings. We are involved in all aspects of the process – from the technical solutions to passing on the knowledge to the industry and thereby speed up energy efficiency.

We also look into how regulations and support schemes can facilitate energy efficiency.

Listen to the podcast on modelling energy efficiency in buildings, with Igor Sartori.



What will the price of your neighbours solar power be?

What will the price of your neighbours solar power be?

In the future, we will see the emergence of local energy communities made up of households and businesses who buy and sell electricity among themselves. But someone will have to work out how to determine the price.

New technology redefines energy efficiency

New technology redefines energy efficiency

A EU project is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency through the development of innovative and eco-friendly corrosion protection methods, with the goal of replacing steel with aluminum.