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Ventilation Laboratory

SINTEF offers development and testing of indoor climate and ventilation products.

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We can combine several tests for a product. For example, a supply air valve can be tested for scattering patterns, throw lengths (drafts), and generated sound.

Laboratory for full-scale testing of ventilation systems

The full-scale laboratory is suitable for measuring inlet air, exhaust, cooling roofs, etc. The size of the full-scale laboratory is 6x8x3.9 (WxLxH). The laboratory floor can be adjusted to a maximum ceiling height of 3.9 m. We have an automatic rig for measuring temperature and draft. The rig is suitable for measuring throw lengths and spreading patterns from inlet air vents and cooling roofs. In this laboratory, we can build offices and classrooms and simulate ease of use, such as how to furnish an office to create a good indoor climate. The solutions are then tested to examine whether they satisfy requirements for temperature, airspeed in the occupancy zone, or ventilation efficiency.

Typical full-scale test setups

  • Cell office
  • Classrooms
  • Data floor
  • Capture capabilities for kitchen hoods

Products that can be tested in the Ventilation Laboratory:

Sound traps, valves, supply air valves, outdoor air valves.

Properties that can be tested in the Ventilation Laboratory:

Sound attenuation, generated noise, pressure drop, throw length.

See our Norwegian pages for a description of test standards.

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The laboratory is located in Børrestuveien 3 in Oslo.