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Heating, water and sanitation – technical installations

We help our customers create a better and more productive indoor environment in homes, schools, and commercial buildings.

In collaboration with clients, we develop energy-efficient building concepts with low environmental impact and a good indoor climate. In addition, we perform laboratory testing of sanitary equipment, certify products, take field assignments related to water damage and develop water damage-proof solutions. Our projects range from international research projects to local course activities. We have expertise in energy efficiency, indoor climate, ventilation, heating systems, sanitation, and drainage.




ADRENALIN - data-driven smart buildings

ADRENALIN - data-driven smart buildings


ADRENALIN aims at facilitating a digital transformation of the existing build stock, by creating and implementing data-driven applications that can optimise energy use.


Builders rush to learn from the ZEB lab showcase

Builders rush to learn from the ZEB lab showcase

The ZEB Laboratory has been utilised both as an office building and a sustainable construction laboratory for about two years. It was designed to be the world’s most ambitious ‘climate-adapted building’ and up to now it has been a great success.