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Sanitary Laboratory

SINTEF has one of Europe's most modern sanitary laboratories and tests all sanitary-related products.

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In our laboratory, we perform tests following every international requirement set for sanitary components. The laboratory is accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17025 for a variety of tests such as tap fittings, water closets, or leaching of heavy metals. In addition, the laboratory plays an active role in sanitary technical development.

Requirements and certification

Products used in sanitary facilities must satisfy the Building Regulations' functional requirements. The requirements are considered to be met if SINTEF approves the product. Before a manufacturer can apply for product certification for a new product at SINTEF, the product must undergo a testing procedure. The sanitary laboratory at SINTEF is Norway's only neutral institute that performs such testing. Our test reports can also be used for certification in other countries.

Properties that can be tested:

  • Leaktightness
  • Acoustic characteristics
  • Endurance
  • Pessure resistance
  • Thermostatic properties

See our Norwegian pages for a description of product standards.

Contact information

The laboratory is located in Børrestuveien 3, Oslo.