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Heat Laboratory

In the heat laboratory, we perform testing of thermal technical material and functional properties for thermal insulation materials, other materials, and components where the thermal technical properties are of interest.

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We mainly perform tests according to international standards and requirements set for thermal insulation materials in the heat laboratory. In addition, we perform measurements on larger wall and facade components, windows, and doors. We have equipment for measuring test pieces from millimeter size and up to an entire wall or facade field with dimensions of up to 2.5 m x 2.5 m. See an overview of products that can be tested and the laboratory's test methods below.

In addition to standardized test methods, non-standardized testing is also performed. We also modify and design testing in our research and innovation projects. We have a large selection of laboratory equipment for standardized and tailored testing. We have performed measurements for both offshore and food industries and medical equipment in addition to the more standardized building-related tests.

The laboratory is accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17025 on selected methods.

Equipment and accredited measurements

We mainly perform accredited measurements in our calibrated heat flow apparatus. Accredited measurements are performed according to NS-EN 12667. In addition to the accredited heat flow device, we have facilities to characterize thermal properties for materials and building components.

Guarded Hot-box

A reversible "Guarded Hot-box" measures building components' thermal conductivity coefficient (U-value). Thermal properties measured at the material level with the accredited heat flow device are often used to verify the various sub-materials used in the building parts.

Requirements and certification

Basic requirements for a building and its products are stated in The Planning and Building Act's associated regulations on technical requirements for buildings (TEK 10). These requirements are considered to be met when a product is approved by SINTEF (SINTEF Technical Approval).

The test methods performed at the heat laboratory can be used to issue SINTEF Technical Approval and/or certification of products in Norway and other countries.

Products that can be tested

  • Thermal insulation products
  • Building materials
  • Compound constructions such as larger wall panels, windows, and doors
  • Roof components and constructions

See our Norwegian pages for a description of product- and measurement standards.

Contact information

The laboratory is located at Høgskoleringen 7B in Trondheim.

Feel free to contact us with questions about laboratory equipment and/or test methods.

Steinar Grynning
Einar Bergheim