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ZEB living lab

ZEB Living Lab - the living laboratory - is a research infrastructure at NTNU and SINTEF.

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ZEB Living Lab is part of the laboratory infrastructure developed at the research center for environmentally friendly energy; Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB). Through several test periods, selected users have used the intelligent house as their own home. The focus of the research has been the people and their use of the innovative technology developed through ZEB. Here, residents have been able to take control of installations and equipment with interactive user interfaces, e.g., air conditioning and energy systems.

ZEB Living Lab is used by researchers in several disciplines to study different technologies and practices in everyday and real environment.

  • With a user-centered development of new solutions, researchers can work holistically with a focus on users' needs and experiences
  • Performance testing of both new and existing solutions. Exploration of the building's performance where the context is realistic user scenarios.
  • Detailed monitoring of the building's and installations performance, as well as the users' influence.
  • ZEB Living Lab is also a research infrastructure at the Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Energy; Zero Emission Neighborhoods in Smart Cities (ZEN)

The ZEB and ZEN centers' research in the field of architecture, social sciences, materials technology, building technology, energy technology, and indoor climate. In the laboratory the researchers can study the interaction between the users and the physical environment. ZEB Living Lab is an important tool to ensure that the solutions that we develop are thoroughly tested and verified at an early stage. The research centers for environmentally friendly energy help strengthen the collaboration between our industry partners and researchers.

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The laboratory is situated at Richard Birkelands vei 4 in Trondheim