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Architecture and Area Development

Architecture and area development is an interplay between people, surroundings, and technology. We aim to create robust, inclusive, and sustainable buildings and areas of good quality.

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We conduct R&D and research-based specialist consulting, and our expertise in architecture and area development includes:

  • Quality in our built environments - sustainable land use and functional infrastructure, use quality and experience qualities
  • Universal design - usability and accessibility
  • Energy use - behavior, implementation, and technical solutions
  • Local renewable energy production and energy transport





Could you share a guest room with your neighbours?

Could you share a guest room with your neighbours?

Singles and couples with children who have moved away from home are the group most positive to alternative living arrangements, while families with children living outside the city centres are the least interested.

Aiming at green, damage-proof façades

Aiming at green, damage-proof façades

Scientists at SINTEF take part in developing a CO2-reducing, remote façade maintenance system that will contribute to green change at both a national and international scale.