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ZEB Test Cell Laboratory

Test Cell is a technical development facility where various elements of building materials, cladding technology, energy systems, and control systems are developed and optimized in accordance with each other.

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The laboratory is used for testing low-energy, integrated building systems under realistic operating conditions. The test cell can be divided into two smaller chambers, which are used to compare different technologies.

ZEB Test Cell has technical rooms and two test cells. These can be used in parallel - where we can study the performance (energy consumption, comfort, etc.) of both the reference solution and a more experimental solution in detail. The purpose of the building is to test different façade solutions and technical installations used in buildings, such as heating and ventilation systems, and the interaction between these.

We use the laboratory to investigate how energy use and comfort parameters, including indoor temperature, vary with different active and passive facade solutions. Various solar panels are tested on the roof, such as systems with solar cells, solar heating, and combined systems. A key part of the experiments is investigating new products in a natural climate. ZEB Test Cell is a tool for industry partners and researchers for innovation and research purposes.


We conduct research on:

  • Facades
  • Heating solutions
  • Ventilation systems/strategies
  • Daylight systems
  • New materials and products
  • Solar panels
  • Building-integrated systems

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The laboratory is located in Høgskoleringen 11 in Trondheim.