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SESAR Joint Undertaking

SESAR Joint Undertaking

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SINTEF Digital is a full member through the NATMIG consortium together with 18 other partners/consortia, approximately 80 partners including third parties.

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SESAR Joint Undertaking

SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) is a Private Public Partnership funded by EU and EUROCONTROL in 2008. The objective of SESAR is to modernize European ATM by defining, developing and delivering new or improved technologies and procedures. SESAR 2020 Wave 1 & 2 stretches from 2016 until 2024 and SINTEF Digital is expected to take part in approximately 15 projects with an estimated funding of 5 M€.

Towards the end of the SESAR definition phase, SINTEF realized that it would be important to become a member of SESAR to take part in future European ATM research. SINTEF, as the only research organization, partnered with a few industrial companies and established NATMIG with the ambition to become a full member of the first SESAR Programme.

SINTEF carries out contract research in a wide range of scientific and technical areas. The business model spans from basic research with main focus on applied research to commercialization of results into new business ideas.

The other partners of NATMIG was Saab (Sweden), Airtel ANT (Ireland) and Park Air Systems (today; Indra Navia) (Norway).