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Total Airport Management (SESAR PJ 04 TAM)

Total Airport Management (SESAR PJ 04 TAM)

The project is articulated around two SESAR Solutions, emphasising all of the key airport processes. Integration of airports into the ATM network will be addressed through sharing information in a timely manner between the network operations plan and the individual AOPs using SWIM technology.

The project unites key European aviation industry partners combining the right expertise to address these challenges and to drive deployment of validated improvements.

SINTEF is involved in the development and validation of a system that will assist the different stakeholders who influence the airport operations to develop and dynamically maintain joint plans, e.g., tactical plans that allows for maximum airport throughput during periods of severe weather conditions (snow, ice, wind, etc.). For this, SINTEF will implement a framework for distributed collaborative decision making applicable at the Airport Operations Centre (APOC) as well as for airports without APOC.

Within this framework, SINTEF will in SESAR wave 2 implement the Case Management Function and the Tactical Advisory Service. the Case Management Function will monitor MET alerts provided by the Met Alert Service as well as flight (demands) and resource capacities from the AOP and organize this into "What-If cases" where offline "sandbox" planning is possible. The Tactical Advisory Service will provide case-specific predictions (flow), advisories (optimal flow) and PKI values that are made available for the APOC stakeholders to assist them in their collaborative planning.


Total Airport Management - Enhanced Collaboration in an Airport Operations Center
Total Airport Management - Enhanced Collaboration in an Airport Operations Center
Published 13 February 2018
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This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733121