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SINTEF Digital Employees

Department of Health Research

E-health and Innovation research groupGlobal Health research group  • Health services research groupMedical Imaging Analysis research groupMedical Technology research group

Department of Mathematics & Cybernetics

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence research group • Applied Computational Sciences research groupComputational Sciences and Engineering research group •  Geometry research groupOptimisation research groupReliable Automation research groupRobotics and Control research group

Department of Smart Sensors & Microsystems

Clean Room Technology research groupComputer Vision research groupDemanding Environments research groupHealth and Performance Technology research groupMedical Sensors and BioMEMS research groupMicro Optics research groupOptics research groupSilicon Sensor Technology research group

Department of Sustainable Communication Technologies

Acoustics research groupCommunication Systems research groupTrustworthy Green IoT Software research groupHuman Computer Interaction research groupSmart Data research group

Department of Software Engineering, Safety and Security

Cyber Security research groupDigital Process Innovation research groupSafety and reliability research group Security, Technology and Society research groupSoftware Product Innovation research groupSystem Safety research group 

Department of Technology Management

Information Systems and Learning Technology research groupInnovation and Sustainability research groupOrganization and Operations Management research groupRegional Sustainability and Bioeconomics research group