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Laboratories for work physiology research

We contribute to new research results that benefit industry, business and the health sector.

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Work Physiology Research
Work physiology research

We carry out physiological measurements in the field, laboratories or at the workplace using light portable equipment. We measure eg. body temperatures, heart rate, muscle activity, lung function, sleep, and workload. We provide R&D and testing services for a wide range of customers.

We study the body functions during work and rest, and when exposed to different environments. This knowledge is used to improve the health and safety of people at work, leisure, and at home.

Our expertise includes:

  • Measurement of physiological and cognitive parameters
  • Health, safety and performance in different working environments
  • Physiology of clothing
  • Cold and heat stress
  • Evaluation of personal protective equipment
  • Validation of health technology solutions
  • Manikin for evaluation of insulation in clothing

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Contact person:
Øystein Wiggen

Visiting Address:
Prof. Brochs gate 2
NO-7030 Trondheim

Postal Address:
SINTEF Digital
Dept. of Health Research
P.O. Box 4760 Torgarden
NO-7465 Trondheim