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Digital Worker and Exposure Risk Assessment

The Digital Worker ERA will focus on exposure, physical and organisational factors for workers in the petroleum industry. We will build new knowledge on real-time exposure assessment of chemical, physiological strain and the human factors elements of using such assessments in-situ.

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Risk prevention and promotion of occupational health and safety (OHS) in the workplace are key factors to improve quality of work, working conditions and productivity. The current digitalization trends within the industry are expected to enable enormous possibilities for novel, flexible, cost-effective and interactive processes while maintaining and improving OHS. At the same time, digitalization and new technology are likely to cause new challenges that require new knowledge on both organisational and individual level to ensure safety and privacy.

External exposures and physical strain are still primary reasons for early retirement, reduced functionality and health impairments within the petroleum industry. It is therefore important with updated and new knowledge to achieve the full potential of new technologies for building a safer working environment.

Scientific Publications

Svein O Tjosvoll, Trine M Seeberg, Marius S Fimland, Øystein Wiggen, Silje E Jahren. Classification of kneeling and squatting in workers wearing protective equipment: development and validation of a rule-based model using wireless triaxial accelerometers. Ergonomics, 2022 Oct;65(10):1410-1420. doi: 10.1080/00140139.2022.2039410. Epub 2022 Feb 25.

Svein O Tjøsvoll, Øystein Wiggen, Victor Gonzalez, Trine M Seeberg, Skender Elez Redzovic, Ingeborg Frostad Liaset, Andreas Holtermann, Marius Steiro Fimland. Assessment of Physical Work Demands of Home Care Workers in Norway: An Observational Study Using Wearable Sensor Technology. Observational Study Ann Work Expo Health, 2022 Nov 15;66(9):1187-1198.

Media Contribution

Øystein Wiggen , Julie Renberg , Skender Elez Redzovic og Marius S. Fimland. Innlegg: Arbeid vi blir syke av, kan gjøres helsefremmende. Dagens Næringsliv, 04.11.2020.

A combination of different methods, i.e. field and lab measurements, questionaries' and interviews, will be applied to ensure involvement of the different perspective of working life ranging from physiological mechanisms to organisational issues. The project will use a multidisciplinary approach, combining human factors, technology and organisational management to develop a framework and new knowledge for the prospective digital worker. The results from this project will demonstrate how technological solutions and systems used in a smart way can be applied in the next generation of occupational health and safety and furthermore promote a healthier work life through the enlightenment of the individual worker up to the organisation level.

Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2022

Digital Worker ERA



SINTEF Digital (Health Research and Smart Sensor Systems), and NTNU (Dept. of Neuromedicine and Movement Science (INB), fellow)


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Lundin AS
Vår Energi (ENI Norge AS)


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National Research Centre of Working Environment i Danmark
Arbeidstakerorganisasjonen Industri & Energi
Arbeidstakerorganisasjonen SAFE