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Myworkout GO as Medical Device

The project's overall aim is to develop a health service that combines new digital technology in the digital training support Myworkout GO with new exercise- and treatment methods and new digital motivation follow-up, to promote health and prevent health problems for patients with MS and Parkinson's disease.

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Population change will present significant challenges to the healthcare system in the coming years and will require new ways of providing treatment and healthcare.

The project will develop new technology in Myworkout GO that includes diagnosis-specific strength training for treatment and rehabilitation for the target groups, develop motivational and follow-up methods for exercise integrated into the technology, and develop a service within the specialist health service based on the digital training support.

The most central R&D challenges are to:

  1. develop the technology in Myworkout GO to include maximum strength training for diagnosis-specific exercise as treatment and rehabilitation
  2. develop and integrate adapted motivation and follow-up methods for exercise in the technology
  3. include the new technology in a service within the specialist healthcare service.

Research-based development based on scientifically documented knowledge is also necessary for the classification of Myworkout GO as a Medical device.

The project will include the technology in a future service, and patient/user involvement is crucial to success. The results will help to promote good health and quality of life for the users and contribute to more sustainable healthcare services.

The results will be achieved through close collaboration between industry partner (Myworkout AS) and research (SINTEF, Myworkout AS) using scientific methods and expertise in technology, machine learning, medicine, physiology, psychology, sociology, and service design. An advisory group will ensure that users and customers of the final product are included and consulted throughout the project period.

Key Factors

Project duration

2022 - 2024


Research Council of Norway 2022-2024.

Cooperation Partners

Myworkout AS  (project owner), SINTEF, NTNU

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