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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2260

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Name Title Phone Email
Aakervik, Jørund Aakervik, Jørund Senior Engineer
Aakra, Ågot Aakra, Ågot Research Director
Aakre, Torstein Grav Aakre, Torstein Grav Research Scientist
Aakvaag, Niels Aakvaag, Niels Senior Research Scientist
Aakvik, Frode Aakvik, Frode Property Manager and Project Manager
Aalberg, Ann Karin Jullumstrø Aalberg, Ann Karin Jullumstrø Project Coordinator
Aalberg, Asbjørn Lein Aalberg, Asbjørn Lein Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
Aam, Sverre Aam, Sverre Senior Adviser
Aamodt, Andreas Aamodt, Andreas Master of Science
Aamot, Eli Aamot, Eli Executive Vice President
Aamot, Kristian Aamot, Kristian Senior Engineer
Aarhaug, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Thor Anders Senior Research Scientist
Aarlien, Rune Aarlien, Rune Senior Project Manager
Aarnæs, Trygve Aarnæs, Trygve Research Scientist
Aas, Camilla Bakken Aas, Camilla Bakken Adviser
Aas, Kristian Leonard Aas, Kristian Leonard Senior Research Scientist
Aas, Lotte Forså Aas, Lotte Forså Corporate Financial Manager
Aas, Marianne Aas, Marianne Research Engineer
Aasbø, Sondre Aasbø, Sondre Adviser
Aasen, Ailo Aasen, Ailo Research Scientist
Aasen, Inga Marie Aasen, Inga Marie Senior Research Scientist
Aasheim, Jan-Fredrik Aasheim, Jan-Fredrik Senior Adviser
Aaslid, Per Aaslid, Per Research Scientist
Aastorp, Grete Aastorp, Grete HES and Security Manager
Abdalla, Elhadi Mohsen Hassan Abdalla, Elhadi Mohsen Hassan Research Scientist
Abrahamsen, Bjørn Christian Abrahamsen, Bjørn Christian Senior Research Scientist
Abrahamsen-Prsic, Mia Abrahamsen-Prsic, Mia Research Scientist
Abrahamsson, Stefan Paul K Abrahamsson, Stefan Paul K Senior Research Scientist
Adam, Jan Adam, Jan Senior Adviser
Adeva-Bustos, Ana Adeva-Bustos, Ana Research Scientist
Ahlquist, Ina Helene Ahlquist, Ina Helene Master of Science
Ahmed, Elyes Ahmed, Elyes Research Scientist
Ahmed, Niaz Ahmed, Niaz Senior Adviser
Ahmed, Tazrin Ahmed, Tazrin Research Scientist
Akporiaye, Duncan Akporiaye, Duncan Research Director
Akselsen, Andreas Holm Akselsen, Andreas Holm Research Scientist
Aksetøy, Laila Økdal Aksetøy, Laila Økdal Knowledge Administrator
Aksnes, Vegard Øgård Aksnes, Vegard Øgård Research Manager
Albert, Daniel Albert, Daniel Senior Communication Adviser
Alcock, Benjamin Alcock, Benjamin Senior Research Scientist
Almsbakken, Rune Almsbakken, Rune Research Manager
Almås, Inger Kjersti Almås, Inger Kjersti Senior Engineer
Almås, Karl Andreas Almås, Karl Andreas Special Adviser
Almåsbakk, Jan André Almåsbakk, Jan André Senior Controller
Alnæs, Lisbeth-Ingrid Alnæs, Lisbeth-Ingrid Senior Research Scientist
Alquiza Madina, Maria Alquiza Madina, Maria Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
Alsos, Hagbart Skage Alsos, Hagbart Skage Senior Research Scientist
Alstad, Berit Alstad, Berit Project Officer
Alterskjær, Anders Alterskjær, Anders Research Manager
Alvaro, Antonio Alvaro, Antonio Senior Research Scientist
Alvestad, Anja Helene Alvestad, Anja Helene Master of Science
Amedi, Salah Amedi, Salah Master of Science
Amundsen, Herman Biørn Amundsen, Herman Biørn Master of Science
Anantharaman, Rahul Anantharaman, Rahul Research Scientist
Anaya-Lara, Olimpo Anaya-Lara, Olimpo Research Scientist
Andersen, Casper Welzel Andersen, Casper Welzel Research Scientist
Andersen, Jens Fredrik Andersen, Jens Fredrik Senior Controller
Andersen, Kamilla Heimar Andersen, Kamilla Heimar Master of Science
Andersen, Lars Haugdal Andersen, Lars Haugdal Senior Corporate Communications Officer / Web Manager
Andersen, Marie Brøvig Andersen, Marie Brøvig Administration Officer
Andersen, Martin Lieberkind Andersen, Martin Lieberkind PhD Fellow
Andersen, Odd Andersen, Odd Senior Research Scientist
Andersen, Rolf Andersen, Rolf Senior Project Manager
Andersen, Sigmund Jarle Andersen, Sigmund Jarle Senior Research Scientist
Andersen, Terje Andersen, Terje Senior Technician
Andersen, Thale Kvernberg Andersen, Thale Kvernberg Senior Research Scientist
Andersen, Tobias Meyer Andersen, Tobias Meyer Master of Science
Andersson, Frank Andersson, Frank Senior Engineer
Andersson, Leif Erik Andersson, Leif Erik Research Scientist
Andersson, Stefan Andersson, Stefan Research Scientist
Andersson, Vegard Andersson, Vegard External Consultant (Experis)
Andreassen, Eline Andreassen, Eline HR Adviser
Andreassen, Erik Andreassen, Erik Senior Research Scientist
Andreassen, Sverre Olav Andreassen, Sverre Olav Senior Adviser
Andrenacci, Sara Andrenacci, Sara Master of Science
Andresen, Christian Andre Andresen, Christian Andre Research Manager
Andresen, Trond Andresen, Trond Senior Research Scientist
Andrewes, Laila Myren Andrewes, Laila Myren Department Coordinator
Anfinsen, Martin Anfinsen, Martin Master of Science
Angvik, John Trygve Angvik, John Trygve Engineer
Ansaloni, Luca Ansaloni, Luca Research Scientist
Anthun, Kirsti Sarheim Anthun, Kirsti Sarheim Senior Research Scientist
Anthun, Kjartan Sarheim Anthun, Kjartan Sarheim Senior Research Scientist
Anton, Yannick Martin Anton, Yannick Martin Adviser
Antonsen, Bjørn Ivar Antonsen, Bjørn Ivar IT Coordinator
Antonsen, Roy Eivind Antonsen, Roy Eivind Research Director
Antypas, Konstantinos Antypas, Konstantinos Research Manager
Apneseth, Hilde Apneseth, Hilde HES and Security Manager
Arbo, Mathias Hauan Arbo, Mathias Hauan Research Scientist
Arbo, Siri Marthe Arbo, Siri Marthe Research Scientist
Arega, Meron Assefa Arega, Meron Assefa Research Scientist
Arellano Prieto, Yessica Alexandra Arellano Prieto, Yessica Alexandra Research Scientist
Arica, Emrah Arica, Emrah Senior Research Scientist
Arlov, Øystein Arlov, Øystein Research Manager
Arnesen, Petter Arnesen, Petter Senior Research Scientist
Arstad, Bjørnar Arstad, Bjørnar Senior Research Scientist
Arvesen, Anders Arvesen, Anders Research Scientist
Asbøll, Karen Asbøll, Karen HR Manager
Aschehoug, Silje Helene Aschehoug, Silje Helene CEO
Askeland, Magnus Askeland, Magnus Research Scientist
Askheim, Trine Solveig Iversen Askheim, Trine Solveig Iversen Senior Administration Officer
Asphaug, Erlend Asphaug, Erlend Technician
Asphaug, Ola Asphaug, Ola Research Manager
Asphaug, Silje Kathrin Asphaug, Silje Kathrin Research Scientist
Aspragkathos, Apostolos Aspragkathos, Apostolos Research Engineer
Auflem, Helene Berntsen Auflem, Helene Berntsen Project Manager
Aukan, Randi Aukan, Randi Senior Project Coordinator
Aukrust, Trond Aukrust, Trond Senior Research Scientist
Aunaas, Anne Lise Aunaas, Anne Lise Financial Manager
Aunaas, Tore Aunaas, Tore Special Adviser
Aune, Ingvild Aune, Ingvild Master of Science
Aune, Ragnhild Aune, Ragnhild Senior Adviser
Aune, Randi Aune, Randi Senior Engineer
Aunsmo, Sigrid Aunsmo, Sigrid Master of Science
Auran, Per Gunnar Auran, Per Gunnar Research Manager
Aursand, Eli Grong Aursand, Eli Grong Investment Director
Aursand, Marit Aursand, Marit Research Manager
Aursland, Ingvild Benedicte Småge Aursland, Ingvild Benedicte Småge Communications Officer
Austad, Henrik Austad, Henrik Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
Austegard, Anders Austegard, Anders Research Scientist
Austnes, Andreas Erling Støbakkvik Austnes, Andreas Erling Støbakkvik Research Scientist
Austnes, Hege Austnes, Hege Senior HR Adviser
Auth, Jorunn Auth, Jorunn Administration Officer
Avdal, Jørgen Avdal, Jørgen Research Scientist
Azalde, Gloria Azalde, Gloria Master of Science
Azrague, Kamal Azrague, Kamal Senior Research Scientist