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Luca Ansaloni

Research Scientist

Membrane and polymer scientist with more than 10 years of experience. I am involved in projects for the development of polymeric membranes (CO2 and H2 selective) as well as in the characterization of transport and anti-corrosion properties in polymeric materials. Currently working on H2 selective membrane for H2 production, protective coatings for bipolar plates, graphene-based batteries, and evaluating the performance of non-metallic materials in CO2 and H2 transport.


2014 - PhD in Chemical Engineering (University of Bologna)
2013 - Visiting scholar at The Ohio State University
2009 - MSc in Environmental Engineering (University of Bologna)

Competence and research areas

Polymeric membranes for CO2 capture
H2 selective membranes for H2 production
Polymer-based electrically-conductive coatings for bipolar plates
Characterization of non-metallic materials for the CO2 transport chain
Characterization of non-metallic materials for the H2 transport chain
Graphene-based batteries
Membrane deoxygenation of amine-based solvents




Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1