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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2245

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Name Title Phone Email
Labonnote, Nathalie Labonnote, Nathalie Research Manager
Ladstein, Jarle Ladstein, Jarle Research Scientist
Lafleche, Sebastien Lafleche, Sebastien Research Scientist
Lam, An Ngoc Lam, An Ngoc Research Scientist
Lamvik, Gunnar Martin Lamvik, Gunnar Martin Senior Research Scientist
Landmark, Andreas Dypvik Landmark, Andreas Dypvik Senior Research Scientist
Lange, Hans Iver Lange, Hans Iver Senior Adviser
Lange, Torstein Lange, Torstein Senior Research Scientist
Langeng, Helen Langeng, Helen Laboratory Manager
Langhelle, Nina Kristin Langhelle, Nina Kristin Senior Research Scientist
Langolf, Stian Langolf, Stian Senior Technician
Langolf, Sverre Tangen Langolf, Sverre Tangen Senior Technician
Langseth, Even Anderson Langseth, Even Anderson Adviser
Langø, Thomas Langø, Thomas Chief Scientist
Langørgen, Øyvind Langørgen, Øyvind Research Scientist
Langås, Isak Strøm Langås, Isak Strøm Research Scientist
Lannblad, Mona Lannblad, Mona Department Coordinator
Lapique, Fabrice Lapique, Fabrice Organisation Director
Larring, Yngve Larring, Yngve Senior Research Scientist
Larsen, André Larsen, André Senior Project Manager
Larsen, Anna Grøndahl Larsen, Anna Grøndahl Research Scientist
Larsen, Fredrik Brun Larsen, Fredrik Brun Senior Engineer
Larsen, Geir Håvard Larsen, Geir Håvard Engineer
Larsen, Idar Larsen, Idar Senior Project Manager
Larsen, Marit Wåde Larsen, Marit Wåde Project Coordinator
Larsen, Mats Larsen, Mats Research Scientist
Larsen, Rolf Eirik Malones Larsen, Rolf Eirik Malones Engineer
Larsen, Trond Erik Larsen, Trond Erik Research Engineer
Larsen, Wenche Larsen, Wenche Department Coordinator
Lassemo, Eva Lassemo, Eva Senior Research Scientist
Lassen, Thomas Elvrum Lassen, Thomas Elvrum Research Engineer
Laukvik, Brit Charlotte Nilsen Laukvik, Brit Charlotte Nilsen Administration Officer
Lausselet, Carine Lausselet, Carine Research Manager
Le, Simone Balzer Le, Simone Balzer Research Scientist
Lebesby, Kristin Lebesby, Kristin Research Scientist
Lech, Till Christopher Lech, Till Christopher Research Manager
Leclaire, Maxime Leclaire, Maxime Software Developer
Lee, Madeline Lee, Madeline Research Scientist
Lee, Shenae Lee, Shenae Research Scientist
Lein, John Erik Lein, John Erik Research Engineer
Leinan, Paul Roger Leinan, Paul Roger Research Scientist
Leirmo, Torbjørn Leirmo, Torbjørn Research Scientist
Leirvik, Frode Leirvik, Frode Senior Engineer
Lerudjordet, Stian Lerudjordet, Stian Senior Engineer
Lervik, Jens Kristian Lervik, Jens Kristian Senior Research Scientist
Lervåg, Lone-Eirin Lervåg, Lone-Eirin Senior Research Scientist
Leraand, Pål Leraand, Pål Photographer
Lesaint Rusu, Caterina Elena Lesaint Rusu, Caterina Elena Research Scientist
Lesaint, Cedric Lesaint, Cedric Research Scientist
Levin, Tine Granlund Levin, Tine Granlund Administrative Coordinator
Levold, Pål Levold, Pål Senior Software Developer
Lewin, Anna Sofia Lewin, Anna Sofia Senior Research Scientist
Li, Aslaug Li, Aslaug Engineer
Li, Jiaxin Li, Jiaxin Master of Science
Li, Zuoan Li, Zuoan Research Scientist
Lian, Anders Lian, Anders CEO
Lian, Eirik Lian, Eirik Brand and Communications Director
Lianes, Josef Lie Lianes, Josef Lie Technician
Liberale, Alessandro Liberale, Alessandro Research Scientist
Lie, Arne Lie, Arne Senior Research Scientist
Lie, Halvor Lie, Halvor Senior Adviser
Lie, Jørgen Furuset Lie, Jørgen Furuset Technician
Lie, Knut-Andreas Lie, Knut-Andreas Research Manager / Chief Scientist
Lie, Torgrim Lie, Torgrim Research Scientist
Lien, Anne G Lien, Anne G Senior Research Scientist
Lien, Synne Krekling Lien, Synne Krekling Research Scientist
Lietaer, Nicolas Lietaer, Nicolas Senior Research Scientist
Liland, Aleksander Perlic Liland, Aleksander Perlic Senior Technician
Liland, Knut Brede Liland, Knut Brede Research Scientist
Liland, Shirley Elisabeth Liland, Shirley Elisabeth Master of Science
Lilledahl, Magnus Borstad Lilledahl, Magnus Borstad Research Scientist
Lilleng, Grethe Lilleng, Grethe Research Scientist
Lillestøl, Per Johan Lillestøl, Per Johan Research Manager
Lillienskiold, Aleksander Lillienskiold, Aleksander Research Scientist
Lind, Anna Maria Lind, Anna Maria Senior Research Scientist
Lind, Morten Lind, Morten Research Scientist
Lind, Rune Lind, Rune Senior CAD Operator
Lindgård, Jan Lindgård, Jan Senior Research Scientist
Lindgård, Øyvind Lindgård, Øyvind Master of Science
Lindland, Marie Lindland, Marie Master of Science
Lindmoen, Asgeir Lindmoen, Asgeir Senior Technician
Linga, Harald Linga, Harald Research Manager
Linhjell, Dag Linhjell, Dag Research Scientist
Linnerud, Ådne Solhaug Linnerud, Ådne Solhaug Research Scientist
Litzler, Emma Litzler, Emma Research Scientist
Liu, Lang Liu, Lang Research Scientist
Liverud, Anders Liverud, Anders Senior Research Scientist
Ljøkelsøy, Kjell Ljøkelsøy, Kjell Research Scientist
Loevenich, Simon Loevenich, Simon Research Scientist
Log, Alexandra Metallinou Log, Alexandra Metallinou Research Scientist
Log, Sindre Log, Sindre Research Manager
Loli, Arian Loli, Arian Research Scientist
Lolli, Nicola Lolli, Nicola Senior Research Scientist
Lona, Eivind Lona, Eivind Senior Project Manager
Longva, Vegard Longva, Vegard Senior Research Scientist
Lorentzen, Karoline Ravndal Lorentzen, Karoline Ravndal Communication Adviser
Lothe, Ane Elisabet Lothe, Ane Elisabet Research Manager
Lozovyi, Serhii Lozovyi, Serhii Research Scientist
Ludvigsen, Bjørn Ludvigsen, Bjørn Research Engineer
Ludvigsen, Halgeir Ludvigsen, Halgeir Research Scientist
Ludvigsen, Tiril Lovise Ludvigsen, Tiril Lovise Product Owner Microsoft 365
Lund, Ane Carine Eng Lund, Ane Carine Eng Senior Engineer
Lund, Are Lund, Are Senior Research Scientist
Lund, Bjørnar Lund, Bjørnar Senior Research Scientist
Lund, Håkon Lund, Håkon Master of Science
Lund, Ingeborg Lund, Ingeborg Head of Leadership Development
Lundberg, Roy Arne Lundberg, Roy Arne Senior Technician
Lundby, Aleksander Lundby, Aleksander Senior Engineer
Lundestad, Ingrid Lundestad, Ingrid Head of Strategic Analysis
Lundgaard, Lars Esben Lundgaard, Lars Esben Chief Scientist
Lundheim, Sigurd Hilmo Lundheim, Sigurd Hilmo Research Scientist
Lundkvist, Henrik Lundkvist, Henrik Senior Research Scientist
Lundquist, Astrid Benedicte Lundquist, Astrid Benedicte Senior Executive Officer
Lundring, Ellen M.E Lundring, Ellen M.E Communication Adviser
Luteberget, Bjørnar Luteberget, Bjørnar Research Scientist
Luttikhuis, Danique Luttikhuis, Danique PhD Fellow
Luxcey, Neil Eric Luxcey, Neil Eric Research Scientist
Luxsacumar, Sivakanesar Luxsacumar, Sivakanesar Senior Engineer
Lye, Kjetil Olsen Lye, Kjetil Olsen Research Scientist
Lyngby, Narve Lyngby, Narve Research Manager
Lysbakken, Kai Rune Lysbakken, Kai Rune Senior Adviser
Lysberg, Magne Lysberg, Magne Senior Research Scientist
Lysne, Ask Sødahl Lysne, Ask Sødahl Research Scientist
Lysne, Markus Lysne, Markus Research Scientist
Lysthaug, Simen Brodalen Lysthaug, Simen Brodalen Master of Science
Lædre, Sigrid Lædre, Sigrid Senior Research Scientist
Løberg, Sissel Muri Løberg, Sissel Muri Senior Institute Coordinator
Lødemel, Øyvind Lødemel, Øyvind Adviser
Lødeng, Rune Lødeng, Rune Senior Research Scientist
Løe, Ida-Camilla Løe, Ida-Camilla Adviser
Løkberg, Ola Løkberg, Ola Senior Research Scientist
Løvfall, Bjørn Tore Løvfall, Bjørn Tore Senior Research Scientist
Løvmo, Cathrine Løvmo, Cathrine Senior Engineer
Løvseth, Ole Kristian Løvseth, Ole Kristian Senior Technician
Løvvik, Ole Martin Løvvik, Ole Martin Chief Scientist