Deliverables 2021

  • D5.3_2019.04b Resource and Energy Collaborations – a Handbook (this document is based on deliverable D5.3_2019.04a Handbook: Energy Collaboration in Norwegian Industry)

Deliverables 2020

  • D0.1_2020.02 HighEFF Annual Report 2019
  • D1.1_2020.02 Work Exchange Networks and Work and Heat Exchange Networks - A Review
  • D1.2_2020.01 Distillation Simulation robust to liquid and vapor phase disappearing
  • D1.2_2020.02 Nonsmooth Analysis for steady state simulation of Distillation Processes
  • D1.2_2020.07 Optimization of Liquid Air Energy Storage using a Genetic Algorithm
  • D1.2_2020.09 Optimal Operation and Control of Heat-to-Power Cycles
  • D1.2_2020.10 Coordinator MPC for Thermal Energy Storage
  • D1.3_2020.01 Recycling of the Flue Gas from Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
  • D2.2_2020.04 Evaluation of real ejector performance in the field
  • D3.3_2020.02 Potential of TES for a DH system utilizing industrial waste heat
  • D3.3_2020.04 Control policies for managing TES based on industrial cases studies
  • D5.1_2020.01 Barriers and enablers - Policy brief
  • D5.1_2020.03 Barriers, drivers, innovation - Book Chapter
  • D5.1_2020.10 Centre Innovation Coordination - Conference paper I
  • D5.1_2020.11 Centre Innovation Coordination - Conference paper II
  • D5.1_2020.14 Centre Innovation Coordination - Journal Paper I
  • D5.1_2020.15 Centre Innovation Coordination - Journal Paper II
  • D5.1_2020.17 Medie Analyses
  • D5.2_2020.03 HighEFF Spring Meeting presentation of NEC results
  • D5.2_2020.05 Cost-efficient TES for increased utilization of RE in steam production - CETES
  • D5.2_2020.06 Optimal selection of TES for fossil-free steam production
  • D6.2_2020.01 System impact of heat exchanger pressure loss in ORCs for smelter off-gas waste heat recovery
  • D6.4_2020.04 Case study 1-pager - Integrated agricluster for surplus heat utilization

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