Laboratory facilities


HighEFFLab is a joint national laboratory between various departments at SINTEF and NTNU. The facilities are mainly located at the NTNU Gløshaugen campus in Trondheim except for one installation situated at SINTEF Energy Lab at Blaklia, ensuring close collaboration between students and researchers from institutes and university. HighEFFLab is a national research infrastructure and aims to be the leading platform for experimental research within industrial energy efficiency through the operation of unique and excellent laboratory facilities. The research infrastructure is accessible for all the partners in HighEFF and others.

HighEFFLab consists of five laboratories, with a total of 12 experimental rigs and 8 analysis instruments. They are supported by local infrastructure such as heating, cooling, power and ventilation. In addition, tools for calibration and field measurements, and computers and software for designing, modelling and simulations, are also part of this infrastructure.

The HighEFFLab laboratories are:

  • The Heat Exchanger Laboratory
  • The Expander Tests Laboratory
  • The Natural Refrigerants Laboratory
  • The Dewatering Laboratory
  • The Gas and Material Characterization Laboratory

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